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(DJ) Dream Quest - MP3s and MOV

These MP3s and MOV are FREE to download, share and enjoy. They are not authorised for sale or resale. No e-mails required, no cookies used.

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(DJ) Dream Quest - MP3s

Phase 9

a www.darkworld.com-Phase 9 internet release, these three are remixes of tracks from Season Three: Herb Garden. They were mixed and produced by Kylyra.

Phase 6

a www.darkworld.com-Phase 6 internet release, this is J.A.Bohr's original production of Week One into Three, from Season Two: Journey into the Festivals In-between, the unfinished release. This is more of a soundtrack than music mixed for a dance floor, with the storyline of a person waking up in the morning of the Harvest festival, and their journey. They walk to the festival to join in the fun, but get pulled into a fantasy world in which they become lost in the other world. Someone feels pity for them, and leads them back into their own world. Mixes of the individuals songs were released as bonus tracks on Season One.

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(DJ) Dream Quest - MOV

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Phase 5

This is a small compressed version of the video 'A Vision of NON in a world of Dreams' produced by franklinNateONSLAUGHT (aka J.A.Bohr) through MCTC, ©1998.

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