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NIN Remixes by Dark World

NIN tracks pg. 1

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Kylyra VS NIN

Capital G (Ky duet mix)


(from Kylyra) I stripped down the original song version, then added my own rhythm additions, piano, strings, and vocals. It was a lot of fun to sing a duet with Trent, and we ran my vocals drier than in the past to match Trent's sound as closely as possible.

Deemed Psychotic VS NIN

35 ghosts (From Behind
de Deemed Psychotic mix)


(from Tor) Kristi wanted at least one from Deemed, so my sister and I replaced most of Trent's tracks (part by part) with sounds and instruments from Deemed Psychotic. Then Kylyra put in the final keyboard tracks. I got this urge to sing something from 'The 1st' over the top. 'From Behind' seemed to fit perfectly to me so that's why, but honestly I did not know until the song was first re-recorded that I would even sing on it. This track sounds 'Deemed' and probably strays quite far from NIN's instrumental.

Infinisynth VS NIN

34 ghosts (Tor's Infinisynthy
Together mix)


(from Tor) This is probably the closest mix I did to the original. This was the first track finished this summer. It originally was an instrumental but after playing a new bass line and adding two guitar tracks (replacing a banjo and mandola) I got the idea for the words I sung over it all. The lines I sing are 'Out of Chaos', 'Life it grows', and 'We're coming together'. I ended up doing five vocal tracks which I mixed in, three with the above words, two making only sounds. I still have not heard Trent's original mix of the track, but I do think I strayed far from it.

Future Dialogue VS NIN

26 Ghosts (traditional hole mix)


(from Tor) In trying to split songs between Dark World artists, I got 34 & 26 Ghosts to work on,. I wanted to do three, so I did 2 versions of 26 Ghosts. I recorded the Future Dialogue version first. I played the bass and guitars on this with Mic and I singing. Rhythms were played with FD instruments. We used the lyrics of 'Head like a Hole' and tried to make a Irish Traditional performance of the track, including recording an audience to blend in. I know it was probably the last thing a NIN fan wanted to hear and is the most 'artsy' remix I did, but Mic and I did enjoy doing it. Must Have track for fans of Future Dialogue though.

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