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NIN Remixes by Dark World

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Tor's Angst VS NIN

26 Ghosts (heresy mix)


(from Tor) So with these remixes pushing the Angst sessions into October, I needed to do a Angsty remix. I first re-recorded his tracks with Tor's Angst instruments, samples and sounds. Then I sang in the three voices using NIN's 'Heresy' as the song overlay. Because they use the same bass signal, I used the bass track from the Future Dialogue remix (yes, same bass track used in both remixes). I was impressed with the difference between both remixes, even though they used the same idea.

Kylyra VS NIN

10 Ghosts (Kylyra's
Epik Nightmare mix)


(from Kylyra) When I first started this remix I wasn't sure about what was going on. 10 Ghosts had a different tempo than my song Epik, so I chose to sample from Epik and lay the samples over 10 Ghosts. The final song is fantastic, and one of my favourites to listen to.

TechnoKy VS NIN

19 Ghosts (TechnoKy mix)


(from Kylyra) I sampled some of NIN's more interesting sounds from 19 Ghosts, then overlaid them onto a song underlay for TechnoKy. This is just a fun club mix to me.

Deemed Psychotic VS NIN

The Psychotic Piggy


(from Tor) Deemed Psychotic fans might remember this version from Deemed's live set a few years back. It is one of Kylyra's favourite tracks from NIN, she really likes singing the "pig, pig, piggy, pig, pig, pig" part (can you tell?). So she and I thought it was time to release a recording of our Psychotic Piggy to our fans, and Trent's too (I think it works for both).

Doctor When VS NIN

God Given (Doctor When mix)


(from Doctor When) A mutated but non-mutilated rendition of 'God Given' with hardcore undertones and a cacophony of blended noises that retains a danceable and catchy quality. you'll love it, your neighbours will hate it!

Dark World - NIN remixes cover

So now that you know why you should be downloading these from the NIN Remixes site, you will be needing a CD jacket to put the disc you burn with these tracks. We have prepared a downloadable graphic you can Print yourself. Click Here to get yours now.

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