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Infinisynth Lyrics

Through the window I'm watching

I see them play, I see them fall

I see them fight, I see them die

But they'll never harm me, living in MACHINE

Watching the world through blackened windows

Feeling the emptiness burning through my soul

Seeing life move in it's never ending circles

Move back into the darkness as a tear falls below

Families torn by untarnished hands

Holding the only thing left to my life

Obsession keeps the thoughts in the back of my mind

Painful memories of my forever lost past in flight

Hear my name again and again from forgotten voices

A testament of my will to return where I came from

Stare at the images before me as

All colour fades from my sight

Locked in this vault I created but I cannot find the key

Reasons to stay drain from my reality

Release my soul into the freedom

Freedom that has to be

Freedom that has to be

Freedom, Freedom