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Infinisynth Lyrics
The Waiting

I know that I hung on a windy tree, nights all-nine,

wounded by the gar given to Odhinn, myself to myself,

on that tree, of which no man knoweth from what root it rises.

They dealt me no bread nor drinking horn,

I looked down; I took up the runes,

roaring I took them, and fell back again.

Hiding in the darkness solemn in his sorrow

Behind closed curtains and a locked door

Time that has passed me by has come haunting again

Lost voices in his mind but they are no longer alive

On the fields I prayed for my life

I remember how precious it was to me

In the trenches I would pray every night

But they are all dead they have abandoned me

It's the Waiting and the hatred that follows,

knowing there is nothing left

It's the Waiting all that I ask for is I wish I was dead

It's the Waiting the Angels of Glory appear before my eyes

It's the Waiting I fall to my knees I scream

"Please take me this time!"

The Angle of Death stood before the old man's eyes

"It's time for you to come home."

The old man layed down

and he died