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Infinisynth Lyrics
Sonic Crunch

Just another evening, just another day

Eleven hours, but time didn't slip away

Hit the bed, but the dreams are still the same, still the same

Wake with the alarm, dust still in my head

Pull for the strength to lighten up the red

Time never had the power to heal the pain

I can still hear her scream

Lying in my bed still wide awake

Listening to the tenents potraiting their fate

Lost in the pleasures of drunken misery

Stare at the ceiling as I hear her cry

I can still hear her scream

Light up another cigarrette feel five minutes slip away

Am I meant to grow old turn grey and fade away

Stripped of all dignity to the Earth will I stay

I can still hear her scream

Listen to the politicians on the TV screen

They talk about rape but what does it mean

It wasn't his fault she's a tramp to me

Stare at the ceiling and I want to scream

I can still hear her scream

Break the bone make a wish but it will never be the same

Doctors have never learned how to bring it back again

They just keep getting old, wrinkled and growing cold

But nothing was ever really gained

I can still hear her scream

Signed Sealed Delivered and Ready to Die