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Infinisynth Lyrics
Love of Lies

Morning light shines into my eyes

I slowly see you walk out the door

I raise my body and I try to remember

what we said the night before

The last couple of months have been hard

When you needed me I was never there

You close your eyes, trying so hard not to cry

All you want is someone, someone who cares

Now I know what it really means to be alone

There was nothing that I wouldn't do

I try so hard to realise,

but what you're telling me are just lies

And I lost my love for you

You said we could work it out

You said you had no doubts

I tell myself time and time again

It's a cold and lonely life

When all that you are living on are lies

I know I'll never get to hold you

Hold you close again

I've lost my love for you