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Infinisynth Lyrics
The Fall

Wishing stability was a functioning way of life

We will never change

When change comes we bow our heads and cry

We scream "why must we always age?"

We choose our path

It was always our choice

We deny our faults

Wake up to your voice

Silently falling

Living in the past like it can really change our lives

Can't you ever accept

All that I am is all that I succeed through trial

See me stand tall

We choose our voice

We build it's strengths

We accept our faults

Changing 'til the end

Silently falling

Stop crying over lost hopes there are more to come

They were always there

This is what you are now, the past is gone forever

Now take it from there

We choose our steps

Carefully we walk

Never looking back

Fighting 'til the end

Silently falling down