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Infinisynth Lyrics

I saw her through my window, Standing beneath a tree

She summoned me to her, to the other side, Which I couldn't see

I walked through the screen door, Barefoot onto the grass

But in the early dawn she had vanished, Back into my past

It's been ten years gone, Nothing's ever changed

I'm still wandering around, And they've all died away

I lay in my bed, feelings are lost

As early sunbeams blind my eyes

I remember her asking "when would it end?"

And I could never understand why

I opened up the morning paper, To find out who killed who

To see my picture on the front page, I had died in my sleep,
coldness grew

After all these years, I've finally been freed

The curse is broken, Burn the royal degree

As I look out my window, I see behind the tree

I grab my memories, As I prepare to leave

I hear the crowd calling to me like a lion's roar

I step out of my body and find what I am for

It's been way too long, I fall into the distance

Into the misty morning breeze

New winds are blowing I feel my body soar

Lost within the power of change

I've stepped through the gate's door

Chaotic winds have taken me away

We are just leaves floating in the wind