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Welcome to the Official Infinisynth Homepage


09 September 2015 - Infinisynth is looking for musicians in the Rotterdam area to perform Infinisynth's music live. Needed instruments are bass, guitar and keyboards.

01 September 2014 - KarrArikh Tor is relocating Dark World International to The Netherlands, and will be the official president of the company. Rotterdam is the new home of Infinisynth.

01 January 2014 - Infinisynth begins working on a new live show. KarrArikh Tor hopes to revive some older songs to include with the new. Possible additions are To Die For, Warrior, Documentary and Empty, due to sales and downloads of the songs in the recent years.

27 February 2013 - Infinisynth makes physical copies of Spiral Default 2013 available online as a CD-on-Demand from CreateSpace.

27 January 2013 - Infinisynth releases Spiral Default 2013 digitally on iTunes.

24 December 2012 - KarrArikh Tor and Alex MacHein have finished fourteen songs for the new release, Spiral Default 2013. Final mixes have been uploaded to the SoundCloud.com web-site for fans to hear. The album graphics are now being finished for release. New videos for two of the songs are now on YouTube.


No upcoming Infinisynth shows at this time.

* * * * *

KarrArikh Tor is currently performing acoustically live at open mic nights around Rotterdam. He has been playing on the last Friday of the month at The Room since May 2015.


Infinisynth is not running a guestbook for this site anymore. KarrArikh Tor asks fans to contact the band on Facebook, Soundcloud, or MySpace.

Facebook - a good place to tell the world that you like Infinisynth. Say Hallo! Ask us a question and KarrArikh Tor will answer it.

Soundcloud - a great place to hear new Infinisynth and share it with your friends.

MySpace - yes, MySpace, it is still online and has not only the new release, Spiral Default 2013, but also the compilations, default and reload, and tracks from What Remains in the MACHINE... and Subnormal Episodes for you listen to, free of charge. Connect with us and we'll connect back.