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Demonic portrait

Preferred Amulet Setting

demonic portrait

Preferred Amulet Setting


"grllub mmoffl"

Assignment - Wrath Department, Disturbances Section

Job Title: Demon in Training

Rank: apprentice

Human death: 1973 A.D.



Tronaugh Tronaugh

Your tongue is in a safe place.

Greta Greta

I like your tail!

Dr. Meng Khala Dr. Khala

Remember your 6 month check-up!

Abby Abby

You are so right. I was just talking about that the other day.

Catherine Catherine

DT, you can't make generalisations like that. I know I'm not responsible for any hang-ups in our office!

Dr. Meng Khala Dr. Khala

Thank you for making your appointment so wonderfully loud. Drilling your fangs was a real pleasure. Drop by again any time!

no user pic available Abraham

I can see why Tronaugh ripped your tongue out.

no user pic available Philstin

The problem you bring up is already being addressed by Administration. Your concerns have been noted in your permanent record.

The Director The Director

See me in my office.

Tronaugh Tronaugh

See what you get when you complain like that?