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(March 04 - April 12)

Your heightened sense of smell is guaranteed to leave you spinning, and your searing pain only adds to the confusion, in an enjoyable way. Stay alert, and expect challenges to your power and authority. Express yourself from the spleen, or not at all.


(April13 - May 07)

There is no need to surrender to an inappropriate urge; hang loose and wait for the right timing on things. Stay hot: a new perspective will serve you well. Stick your claw in your eye and embrace the change.


(May 08 - June 17)

Emotional overload is clear. Relax! Don't get too intense; before too long you will have an interesting tale to tell. Keep you head low in the office and communication to a minimum.


(June 18 - July 20)

There is only so much that can be done without a reaction; so let all attempts to sabotage your equilibrium be cow feces on a fly's back! Find a new way forward. Don't let anything phase you, including your amulet. Your intimate relationships will benefit from greater distance.


(July 21 - August 19)

It's never a simple thing to respect you and yours. If you think you got a raw deal, you're right. Life has many dimensions, many more than you would care to admit. Attack new experiences, and so extend your possibilities.


(August 20 - September 16)

Don't allow yourself to be thrown off track. Concentrate on you! Beware of betrayals; everyone around you has hidden agendas. Keep your ideas to yourself and your secrets under lock and key!


(September 17 - October 21)

You have planted a seed that will mutate magnificently over time. Prepare for putrid overload if you put your energy into your endeavours. Clear communication holds the key to this week's defining moments. Don't restrain yourself in any way.


(October 22 - November 19)

Live dangerously and find out what you're really made of. Things look all set to get tantalising and intriguing, so prepare to be teased mercilessly. Watch out with the roles you play. Subservience is all very well, but this is your time to be more dominant.


(November 20 - December 17)

You might as well run with the turg you've been thrown. Who knows? You may enjoy the very thing you've been attempting to avoid. Relish the confusion. A surprise awaits you around the next corner.


(December 18 - January 29)

If you have a swivel head you'll be able to see around corners; eyes on the back of your head give you a different perspective. This will come in handy in the next few days. If you're one of the unfortunate Cipustules without extra eyes, watch out!


(January 30 - March 04)

Avoid an action you'll probably regret. Don't speak to anyone! Bide your time and wait for a fresh turn of events. This is your ideal time to get real. Don't make hasty decisions just yet, but do prepare the way for big changes.