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Demonic portrait

Preferred Amulet Setting

demonic portrait

Preferred Amulet Setting


Assignment - Pride Department, Egotism Section

Job Title: 1st Liaison to The Demon of Terrified Paranoia

Rank: 3rd Class Demon

Human death:



Dr. Meng Khala Dr. Khala

Remember your 6 month check-up!

no user pic available Pierre

I don't think I'll ever forget your singing. It's still making my ears ring!

William William

I guess I missed all the fun ...

Susan Susan

You'll never get a mate with a voice like that. Give it up, Lou!

Charles Charles

Your voice is a purge for demons everywhere. We were vomiting in our alcove until we left, and I'd just been human side. What a waste of pizza!

no user pic available Hepzebah

How many years did you practice on that piece?

no user pic available Abraham

You've given us all just one more example of why Third Class Demons are inferior to First Class.

Abby Abby

I think your singing is great motivation. After Traffic Control was cleaned up I left for an assignment and I was in a perfect mood for my target. I was cranky, tired, and really feeling like I needed to treat myself well.

no user pic available Frans

You must be loving all the attention your display has got you.