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Demonic portrait

Preferred Amulet Setting

demonic portrait

Preferred Amulet Setting


"No, hemlock grows where I crap."

Assignment - Wrath Department, Disturbances Section

Job Title: The Demon of Petty Disturbances

Rank: 1st class demon

Human death: 1568 A.D.



Dr. Meng Khala Dr. Khala

Remember your 6 month check-up!

no user pic available Henrietta

R U up for Pink Bombs?

Abby Abby

Great party, Tronaugh! Have to head out on assignment but I'll let you know when I'm back.

Edward Edward

Krank said it took four hours to clean up the hall after your party. What exactly happened?

The Director The Director

I've received several complaints about the noise level at your little get together. I hope you realise this does nothing for the case against you at the moment. Administration considers this to be just another reason to take you down. See me immediately!

no user pic available Pierre

Enjoyed the other evening immensely. Pay no attention to what Odo has to say, Tronaugh.