Who is Oscar Ameringer?

Oscar Ameringer (1870-1943)

American socialist politician, writer, columnist, labour organizer, publisher of the Oklahoma American Guardian, Social Democratic candidate for governor of Wisconsin in 1914, author of Life and Deeds of Uncle Sam (1909), If You Don't Weaken (1940) and other works

American Socialist writer and editor, born near Ulm, Germany. He migrated to the U.S. when he was 15, and traveled through the country, earning his living as an artist, musician, and factory worker. He became attracted to the Socialist and labor movements and in 1886 was an organizer for the Knights of Labor. He rose to prominence in Socialist circles, attracting attention through his colorful and earthy pamphlets, editorials, and other writings. In 1910 he went to Milwaukee where he lectured, wrote, and campaigned for the election of Victor Berger (q.v.) to Congress. Following Berger's election he was made Socialist state organizer and later Milwaukee County organizer. Ameringer was also editor of Voice of the People and an editorial writer and columnist for the Milwaukee Leader. In 1918 he was unsuccessful Socialist candidate for Congress from the 2nd district. Following the election, he left Milwaukee to become active in the Socialist movement in other American cities. O. Ameringer, If You Don't Weaken (New York [1940]); O. Ameringer, Socialism, What It Is and How to Get It (Chicago, 1930); Milwaukee Sentinel, Nov. 7, 1943. [Source: Dictionary of Wisconsin biography]

books still in print

1. If You Don't Weaken: The Autobiography of Oscar Ameringer ISBN: 1417992344 - Paperback - List Price: $38.95 Publisher: Lightning Source Inc - Published Date: 06/28/2005 - Paperback Author: Oscar Ameringer

2. Life and Deeds of Uncle Sam: A Satirical Look at U.S. History ISBN: 0882860658 - Hardcover - List Price: $22.95 Publisher: Charles Kerr Pub Co - Published Date: 06/01/1985 - Hardcover Author: Oscar Ameringer Editor: James R. Green