Room 202

the Poetry of
Paul Thomas

Room 202

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Mythos Community Library - Isle of Erato © 1996-2014 Dark World International. All Rights reserved. All poetry and stories displayed in library are copyrighted by the author.

the Poetry of Paul Thomas

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Contains the poems;

Tears In Their Eyes, The Mighty Pen, It, They Rarely Listen,
Lay To Rest, The Roads of Ireland, Our Rubbish For Them,
Last Friday, They Do, The Next Town,

This room of the Mythos Community Library, Room 202, contains the Poetry of Paul Thomas. Works in the library are placed in small web-rings around the author. Left and right arrows move the reader through the author's works in the Mythos Library. Clicking in the center returns you to this index. The Mythos Community Library is located on the Isle of Erato, part of the inhabitable areas on Planet Mythos. Planet Mythos is part of the Dark World mazes.