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message received

by K. Kylyra Ameringer

Yeah, I caught the drift -

the swift shift in your approval.

I used to be touted;

you shouted our connection

and pushed the perception

we stood on common ground

'til you found

I was a little less common

than your shoes.

No news here;

my back carries the stamp

of your size tens and more

than that, to boot.

So astute to mark out your realm -

from the helm of your pirate ship

you hoist the 'Gimme' flag,

demanding swag

from every passer-by.

Try a little harder

to barter with dignity;

your pig city whinging

as you wallow in the walls

of your unbuilt adobe bricked house

does nothing

to stop the huff and the puff

and the howl of the wolf at your door.

The more you give up

the less you have to try for.

No crying game, this,

or hissy stomp your feet fit.

It only takes an attempt

to drop the contempt;

the bitter fangs of envy.

Then see

how your next message

is received.