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The Words must be Heard

by K. Kylyra Ameringer

The words must be heard.

They demand life,

they steal our time,

strip us bare,

lay our heads on the block

in a mock appeal for all humanity.

We are the crazed crowd screamers

the prophets

the madmen

the poets.

We can no more stop the words

than we can lop off our own hands;

the pain,

the pain of silence.

The words must be heard.

They scream out,

they whisper softly,

they pour down from the Tower of Babel

raining on subjects and kings alike.

They will not be imprisoned

in black and white;

painted in neon

playing Gene Kelly

padding in the street

to the cool beat of a military rat-a-tat-tat,

modern freedom fighters

in the war against apathy.

Let them burn the flag of mediocrity,

Razing the last vestige of your carefully constructed wall of complacency.

The words must be heard.

We drink them

and eat them

and hold them up as barriers

against the bombardment of slurs and insults

and empty, baseless accusations.

We drop them from heights to see if they bounce,

we kick them in the dirt to watch them roll,

we walk barefoot on the cold stone floor of society's face,

knowing if our words fall

thousands more will spring up in their place.

The words must be heard.

Douse us in petrol and set us alight,

send us to the sea with shoes of cement,

beat us and break us

and still we will speak;

Though they leave us broken backed in a barrel of poverty

though they cause armies to swarm outside our door

though they place us in the ground with nothing more

than wildflowers to remember our name

The words must be heard.