The Lyrics of VOX by K. Kylyra Ameringer

These are the lyrics to the songs from Kylyra's music release, VOX.

Track 1. The Lizard King, Track 2. The Hip Modern Girl, Track 3. It's Different for the Boys, Track 4. A Cup of Hope, Track 5. Epik, Track 6. In the Land of Death and Joy - 21st Century, Track 7. Deadline, Track 8. Mindfire, Track 9. Wag on Demand, Track 10. Call to Dark, Track 11. Invisible Threads

This release is presently available digitally online from iTunes and Wawawa (in China). Below is a link to purchase the release from both dealers.

from iTunes Kylyra - VOX VOX or from Wawawa (in China) Kylyra - VOX

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