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Kylyra - Video Index

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Kylyra - Music Videos

Videos featuring music by Kylyra

Cahir Trail featuring The High Priestess, Kashmir (EP mix), Hip Modern Girl (EP mix),

Reflections on your Soul's Water, pianofortisimo

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Kylyra - Still Videos

Fifth album - Red Book

1.) Threshold: A New Beginning (club mix), 2.) In the Land of Death and Joy 2004,

3.) The Long Dreaming (club mix), 4.) Yesterday's Dream (Far East mix),

5.) My Demons Inside, 6.) Saturian Garden, 7.) Threshold: Death by Jazz, 8.) Spider,

9.) Quick Birth at the Factory, 10.) Cerulean Garden, 11.) Ezrazellda,

12.) The Karmic Circle, 13.) Birth of a Melancholy Goddess,

14.) In the Land of Death and Joy (Valhalla mix)

Seventh album - VOX

1.) The Lizard King, 2.) Hip Modern Girl, 3.) It's Different for the Boys, 4.) A Cup of Hope,

5.) Epik, 6.) In the Land of Death and Joy- 21st Century, 7.) Deadline, 8.) Mindfire,

9.) Wag on Demand, 10.) Call To Dark, 11.) Invisible Threads

These are single cover image videos, allowing fans and visitors to listen to full length songs from Kylyra.

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Other Videos by Kylyra

Kickin' with Kylyra: introduction to The Demon of Petty Disturbances,

Kickin' with Kylyra: sample reading of The Demon of Petty Disturbances,

My War with the Toaster, Kickin' with Ky: Cursing,

Kickin' with Ky: Outtakes, Commentary for 'contains adult content'

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