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Stygian Tars - Video Index

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Stygian Tars - Music Videos

from the video Dark World Television, episode one tourist

Transmissions From Beyond

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Stygian Tars - Still Videos

Fourth album - Abridged Edition

1.) Beyond the Stars, 2.) Electrostatic Picnic, 3.) Fallen Again, 4.) Ghandi Revisited,

5.) Hedgehuts have no tele, 6.) Lifeform, 7.) No, I don't want to buy any freaks,

8.) Spew, 9.) The Beagle and the Roach, 10.) The Cities Circus Circuit, 11.) The Walk,

12.) You Waste My Time

First album - Chapter One

1.) Transmissions From Beyond, 2.) and the clock strikes midnight..., 3.) Menage et Noir,

4.) Fallen Again, 5.) Voodoo, 6.) What's Wrong?, 7.) Spider, 8.) Eb C# Bitch,

9.) A Short Day at a Long Party, 10.) It was just there, 11.) The Long Hurting,

12.) Drowning yourself in the bathtub is a bad idea, 13.) Trials and Tribulations,

14.) backwash

Fifth album - Chapter Four

1.) the aliens left fecal matter, 2.) Searching for God's Jello,

3.) Thanks to these tiny cages, 4.) Phylagree, 5.) My Demons Inside,

6.) How Trees Observe Traffic, 7.) Treveldor the Trickster, 8.) Meridia Kohl,

9.) if rift cliffs drift swift then sift, 10.) Demons in the Cold, 11.) Center of Nothing,

12.) Space Came Before Time, 13.) The Jack and Jill Incident, 14.) In the Bizarre,

15.) IV injury, 16.) temporary crisis

Sixth album - Chapter Five

1.) the Molting of the Iron Teridactyl, 2.) Lizard King, 3.) Living Outside of Life,

4.) Level 4 Section 6B, 5.) Ever see a shirt make a phone call, 6.) Silent Black,

7.) Dark Foul and Dank Feet, 8.) the Underwear scare from There,

9.) The Hades Sacrificial Hymnal, 10.) First Flight, 11.) Just don't piss off the neighbors,

12.) Dirty Liz in the King's Club, 13.) Beware the Broccoli, 14.) Tuesday Evening,

15.) Watch them Swaddle

These are single cover image videos, allowing fans and visitors to listen to full length songs from Stygian Tars.

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