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(DJ) Dream Quest - Video Index

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(DJ) Dream Quest - Music Videos

Excerpt from 'A Vision of NON in a world of Dreams' produced by franklinNateONSLAUGHT (aka J.A.Bohr) through MCTC in 1998

(DJ) Dream Quest - Day Eight: Sleep of the Innocents

a small compressed version of the video is available as a Free MOV download, see left column

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(DJ) Dream Quest - Still Videos

First album - Season One: the Passing of a Loved One

1.) Day One: the unconscious drift, 2.) Day Two: preparation in chaos,

3.) Day Three: heartbeat into a coma, 4.) Day Four: frantic manic,

5.) Day Five into Six: walk of the living dead / daydream,

6.) Day Seven: journey from the surreal, 7.) Day Eight: sleep of the innocents,

8.) Day Nine: the unraveling, 9.) The Morning After: the reconstruction,

bonus tracks from Season Two: Journey into the Festivals In-Between

10.) Week One: festival of the Harvest, 11.) Week Two: dance of the Aes sidhe,

12.) Week Three: the journey homeward

Third album - Season Three: Herb Garden

1.) Daisy, 2.) Eucalyptus, 3.) Cinnamon, 4.) Stinging Nettle, 5.) Licorice, 6.) Rosemary,

7.) Chicory, 8.) Valerian, 9.) White Willow, 10.) Clove, 11.) Wild Rose, 12.) Dandelion

13.) Raspberry 14.) Fumitory

These are single cover image videos, allowing fans and visitors to listen to full length songs from (DJ) Dream Quest.

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