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Deemed Psychotic - Video Index

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Deemed Psychotic - Music Videos

This is the full Toy Man saga by Deemed Psychotic

Toy Man saga (with lyrics)

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Deemed Psychotic - Still Videos

First album - The 1st

1.) Gunning 4 Elle, 2.) Differently, 3.) It's Raining, 4.) Methane Man, 5.) Battle of Wills,

6.) From Behind, 7.) November, 8.) The Hunter, 9.) Silly Mind Games (1st mix),

10.) Hypomania (1st mix), 11.) The Kids of Today (1st mix), 12.) Blind Faith (1st mix)

These are single cover image videos, allowing fans and visitors to listen to full length songs from Deemed Psychotic.

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other videos featuring Deemed Psychotic

Planet Mythos Video featuring Kylyra, KarrArikh Tor and Johnny M

Commentary for 'contains adult content'

as they talk about one of the Dark World IMPs they recorded

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