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Shadow Log - the guestbook of
Dark World International

located on the Planet Mythos. An e-mail address is not needed to sign.

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guestbook is inserted into this page using iframes, not read by searchengines. Cookie warning: the Shadow Log inserts two cookies into your browser to operate. They say shadowlog as path with darkworld.com as the website. They are meant to keep spammers from filling a guestbook in a day. Users are allowed one entry per year. After a year the cookies expire. Do not sign the guestbook if you wish to stay cookie free.

In 2013, 172 entries were rejected by our server. 111 did not include anti-bot additional answer, 61 were rejected as spam. If you tried to sign and were not spamming, or tried to add the anti-bot information but it failed for you, send me (the webmaster) an e-mail saying this (you can find a "Send e-mail to the Webmaster:" fill-in on the cookie policy page, if you have no personal e-mail account to use). I have changed the anti-bot to a question from reading a graphic, this may make it easier to use.

We apologise to all visitors who signed our old guestbook, it was a free guestbook on a site which has gone down, so all your names have been lost to us. Please sign our new guestbook which is now housed on the same server as this site is, we would enjoy hearing from you.

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