Welcome to the World of Herbs

Welcome to the redesigned World of Herbs.

Herbs have been used for centuries to help people stay healthy. Within these pages you will find information on 39 herbs, with Quick Links on every page, helping you navigate between herbs easier. 5 'easy to make' and helpful herbal tea recipes along with a Spring Tonic recipe can be found on the "Tea Index". Medicinal properties are listed on Herb Ring pages, with aliments treatable by a herb listed under the preparation of the herb used as the treatment. Preparations for herbs are found on the "Herb Uses" pages in the Herb Ring. Medical ailments treatable with the herbs listed on the Quick Links can also be found alphabetically indexed on the "Medicinal Uses" pages. The information throughout this Herb website is not intended as medical advise. Before beginning any herbal therapy check with your physician (especially if you have a specific physical problem, allergies, or are taking any medication) and research the herbs you wish to use. Herbs can have strong properties, read all warnings given. And Stay Healthy!

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Season Three: Herb Garden

Dream Quest

Dream Quest - Season Three: Herb Garden

digital release available from iTunes
Alternative Dance

Red Book


Kylyra - Red Book

digital release available from iTunes

Future Dialogue - Power Machine Revisited

Future Dialogue

Future Dialogue - Power Machine revisited

digital release available from iTunes

Johnny M - Riddle

Johnny M

Johnny M - Riddle

digital release available from iTunes
Performance Poetry



KyPoetry - Purple

physical CD release available from CreateSpace
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