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Tor's Angst


no. 140101- Print-On-Demand CD, from CreateSpace -2012

no. 140102- digitally available from iTunes -2013

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Get your ears ready for an assault. Tor's Angst, a new solo project from KarrArikh Tor (lead vocalist and guitarist of the band Infinisynth), will set your teeth on edge with its heart of noise in an onslaught of nu-metal/industrial music. Heavily distorted guitars, chaotic rhythms and multiple vocal lines are laid over specially created industrial samples. "I decided to lyrically step outside of myself, and write more directly about the world I see. I did end up including some comics I like in the lyrics. Musically it is faster, heavier, noisier and generally more obnoxious than Infinisynth, which is why I call it Tor's Angst." - KarrArikh Tor, December 2011

Begun in 2007, the release, JGHAZKR, took over two years to write and record, and another year to finish. Work was done in-between performing with Future Dialogue and Shaky Dawg, and working with Poets Express. KarrArikh performed all instruments, recorded and edited all samples heard, and sang all the voices on the release. It was also produced by Tor. Your head will spin, your eyes will bleed, and your brain will drain of all thought. As described by Tor, "It is an assault on all your senses and more, kinda like looking into the heart of the TARDIS, or walking through a city and getting mugged." Listen to it at your own risk, it is heavy, musically and lyrically.

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1. jghazkr01- Liars and Thieves (3:30)

2. jghazkr02- My Life's the Party (4:21)

3. jghazkr03- All de Time (4:42)

4. jghazkr04- hoodie (5:00)

5. jghazkr05- Shy, Shy, Shy (4:53)

6. jghazkr06- relate (3:42)

7. jghazkr07- Sometimes I Thrash (5:21)

8. jghazkr08- Dark Judges (3:49)

9. jghazkr09- Sonic Rumble (5:07)

10. jghazkr10- Chaos Rules (3:25)

11. jghazkr11- Dysfunctional Society (6:33)

tracks continued

12. jghazkr12- Burning Me Out (4:00)

13. jghazkr13- Destroyer (4:05)

14. jghazkr14- Anarchy (5:12)


All songs written, programmed, sampled, arranged and performed by KarrArikh Tor. Produced and Engineered by KarrArikh Tor.


KarrArikh Tor- all voices, instruments and sounds you hear on the release.

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