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Research on Herb Uses

the World of Herbs

These site pages contain information on 39 herbs, including herbal tea recipes, medical herb uses and preparations.

Guitar Music Theory

Dark World International
School of Music

Featuring charts and tables about Music Theory and how it relates to a standard tuned guitar and bass.

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from our Artists & friends

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Tor's Angst MP3s

KyPoetry MP3s

Dark World IMPs
MP3s from 1993

More music download links can be found on the Audio Index and on Profile pages.

Art - Photography

Oscar Ameringer
Memorial Gallery

Art - Paintings

the Paintings of
KarrArikh Tor

PEXA - Art Salon

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Planet Mythos Site Links

Fiction Stories & Poetry

The Written Word

The Written Word is the site of writer K. Kylyra Ameringer, including short stories, poetry, and information about her first full length novel, The Demon of Petty Disturbances: Doh-da.

More writer links, stories and poetry can be found on the Literature Index.

Tronaugh, The Demon of
Petty Disturbances and DT,
the demon in training

The Demon of Petty Disturbances

the rough draft of the original short story that introduces the characters Tronaugh and DT.

True Blue Lou

a new demon story to enjoy.


the fictional demonic internet social site for HELL

The Demon of Petty
Disturbances: Doh-da
the first Tronaugh novel

about the novel

Demon Stories Synopsis

sample reading

Non-Fiction Music Articles

Press Releases

about our artists

music industry articles

written by staff and friends.

other Non-Fiction Articles

Mythos Community
Library - Isle of Erato
Non-Fiction articles

with Film History and more

Music - Lyrics

Infinisynth lyrics

Deemed Psychotic lyrics

More Lyrics can be found on Artist profile pages.

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Ad for the novel by K. Kylyra Ameringer

Doh-da banner
learn more about the full length novel
featuring Tronaugh, The Demon of Petty Disturbances

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Audio Index. Learn about Dark World Artists and their music. Each artist has a Profile with biography, discography, lyrics and more. Click on the blue Audio button, or click on an artist's name in the left column to visit their profile.

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Visual Index. Visit our world of art and literature. For years Dark World Artists and friends have been adding areas onto the mazes. Wander through Planet Mythos and visit the attractions. Click on the green buttons, or click on the list in the right column.

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We now have a newer updated front homepage dedicated to our music and Tor's music theory classes. The older retro site will remain online, within darkworld.com, with fewer MP3 files. Podcasts will move to other social internet mediums. As new technology reads this site in every growing shapes and sizes, I feel it is more important to keep pages Validated, and updated regularly. But the site is big, huge these days. It will take me some time to finish the newer updated links. - KarrArikh Tor

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