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Future Dialogue - Biography

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Future Dialogue is the acoustic work of artist KarrArikh Tor before he met Alex and began recording Infinisynth. In the early 90's while living in Oceanside, California, KarrArikh wrote the single Distant Worlds and the B-side, Tomorrow. During outdoor rehearsals he met Martzman, a vocalist/bass player living in the area. They got along great and soon were rehearsing the vocals as they are now remembered. Originally scheduled to record only the two songs due to low finances, Future Dialogue got an unexpected boost when Draft happened to hear the duo in rehearsals and offered to back recording a full 40 minute release.

The eleven songs for Future Dialogue's 'Power Machine' were recorded in just two 8 hour day sessions. KarrArikh recorded the multiple layered guitar tracks and sparse rhythms for all the songs on the first day. Pressed for time, Martzman and KarrArikh recorded the vocals on the second day, and KarrArikh pushed through the final mixdowns. The resulting product was 11 beautiful songs desperately needing bass. 1000 cassettes were run, but distribution houses demanded the band re-record to get any more pressings.

Unable to come up with the money needed to go back to the studio, Future Dialogue was a financial disaster and became forgotten. KarrArikh moved on, met Alex, and began Infinisynth. Many of the songs of Future Dialogue were reworked by Infinisynth, but never like the originals.

In 2006 a master studio tape copy of the album was found during inventory. KarrArikh asked permission to go into the Dark World studios and resurrect 'Power Machine'. The tape copy was transferred and cleaned up, and KarrArikh added a smooth jazzy bass and additional rhythm tracks to the songs. Producer Kristi Ameringer was brought in to oversee production and ensure the original vocals didn't get squashed.

In early 2008 KarrArikh and Spike decided to continue Future Dialogue. The two played live at the Poets Express event on 11 July, 2009 as the intermission act. They performed two songs off Power Machine revisitied, 'Distant Worlds' and FMLK', along with a new song written by the two, 'Harmonious Disruption'. KarrArikh Tor and Spike end performing as Future Dialogue in 2012. The live recording of the new song has been included on the second printing of Power Machine revisited, available on Amazon.com.

'Power Machine - revisited' is what Future Dialogue should have been if time and money had been available. The subtle Latin-American feel of Future Dialogue is intensified by the addition of bass and new acoustic rhythm tracks. 'Power Machine - revisited' is a richly satisfying yet intimate listening experience. When asked how many tracks he added to the release, KarrArikh replied, "I don't know, you count 'em.".

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