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Compilation 2008

Dark World presents

Compilation 2008

no. 060701-Promotional 'singles' release, available to Radio/DJs upon request while stock lasts

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'Compilation 2008' features singles from releases by Infinisynth, Kylyra, Future Dialogue, Deemed Psychotic, Milwaukee's Black Orchid, (DJ) Dream Quest and Stygian Tars, available on iTunes and Deemed Psychotic's new single, 'Silly Mind Games' from '2nd Take'.

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Deemed Psychotic

1. Silly Mind Games (radio edit), pre-release single from '2nd Take' and 2. The Hunter, from 'The 1st'

(DJ) Dream Quest

3. Day Eight: Sleep of the Innocents, from 'Season One'

Future Dialogue

4. Sonic Crunch, 5. The Wind and 6. FMLK, from 'Power Machine - revisited'


7. Into the Darkness (radio edit), 8. Speed (radio edit) and 9. Unheimlich unt Seltsam (radio edit), from 'reload' and 'default'


10. A Cup of Hope, 11. Invisible Threads and 12. It's Different for the Boys (radio edit), from 'VOX'

Milwaukee's Black Orchid

13. Kangaroo Crossing and 14. Mindfire (radio edit), from 'Chronicles Two'

Stygian Tars

15. The Beagle and the Roach and 16. Electrostatic Picnic (radio edit), from 'Abridged Edition'


Tracks 1-2, 4-6, and 10-12 produced by Kristi Ameringer. Tracks 3, 7-9, and 13-16 produced by J.A.Bohr.

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