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darkworld - night mixes


darkworld - night mixes

no. 160201-digital release, available on iTunes -2013

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TechnoKy's darkworld - night mixes is packed front to end with vintage techno trance. Using only the classic groove box Roland 303, Kylyra, the genius behind TechnoKy, worked within the Roland 303's limitations to write the complete darkworld set, a 56 minute non-stop dance groove designed to accompany visitors to Dark World International's maze area, Mythos 3000. Beginning with the hypnotic No. 9, an obvious tribute to Sven Vaeth's work, TechnoKy revs up the bpm imperceptibly through tourist, ghost, Planet Earl, goggle vision and finally to panic, providing a one hour dance party for any techno trance fan. Included on the release are 749.1 bzQ and Transporting to Alpha/Omega, two TechnoKy songs unavailable anywhere else. Produced by Spike Bourne, darkworld - night mixes was designed for large sound systems with sub-bass capability, providing the full TechnoKy sound for clubs.

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1. No. 9 (night mix) (4:16)

2. tourist (night mix) (2:58)

3. underground (night mix) (2:58)

4. ghost (night mix) (4:14)

5. Erato (night mix) (5:29)

6. wardrobe (night mix) (5:02)

7. flush! (night mix) (2:45)

8. The Green One (night mix) (4:48)

9. Planet Earl (night mix) (2:12)

10. in the cell (night mix) (3:05)

11. fire water (night mix) (2:26)

12. oxygen tank (night mix) (3:58)

13. goggle vision (night mix) (4:16)


14. düp-o-vat (night mix) (3:50)

15. panic (night mix) (3:38)

16. 749.1 bzQ (night mix) (5:58)

17. Transporting to Alpha/Omega (night mix) (5:45)


All songs written, arranged and performed by Kylyra. Produced by Spike Bourne, except tracks 16 and 17 - produced by J.A.Bohr.


Kylyra - Keyboards, sequencer programming and rhythm programming.

Cover Artwork by KarrArikh Tor

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