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Winter Dance Compilation 2008

Dark World presents

Winter Dance Compilation 2008

no. 060801-CD-On-Demand, from CreateSpace

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The cream of the Dark World International Dance artists are here as Winter Dance Compilation 2008 serves up the hottest new international dance singles. This is the first dance compilation from Dark World. It includes new songs and previously unavailable mixes from Kylyra, Doctor When, Johnny M, TechnoKy, and (DJ) Dream Quest. This release is available online from CreateSpace.com and Amazon.com, order your copy today. A great addition to anyone's party music rotation.

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Doctor When

1. Iron Man (2:48), 10. Dalek (2nd mix) (7:35)


2. DNET (6:45), 11. Angus City (7:20)

(DJ) Dream Quest V. Deemed Psychotic

3. hunting (5:35), 12. Venusian Tea (6:01)

Johnny M

4. Siberia (Liquid BPM Elemental Trance mix) (4:41). 7. Siberia (The 'Tell Her That Stephen Called' mix) (4:41)

(DJ) Dream Quest

5. Rosemary (4:29), 9. Licorice (3:51)


6. Invisible Threads (Tors Intermix) (5:20), 8. Yesterday's Dream of Blonde Hash (5:37)


Tracks 1 and 10 produced by Michael Bourne. Tracks 2, 8 and 11 produced by J.A.Bohr. Tracks 3, 5, 9 and 12 produced by Navigator X. Tracks 4 and 7 produced by Johnny M.

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