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Dark World Frequently Asked Questions

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question 1 - Why?

for the KICKS, baby!

question 2 - Are you guys into satanism/vampirism/etc.?

no, but most of us really enjoyed the film Underworld.

question 3 - What is Dark World?

Dark World is a group of artists who help each other to produce musical recordings, and market said recordings (see "Why?" above). This website began as part of the marketing, but has grow into more than just extra CD information. Dark World has an 'Everyone Promote Everyone' attitude, so more is on this site than just information about Dark World Artists.

question 4 - Who supports this website?

Artists (out of their own pockets)! If you wish to support this site, just buy some music from one of our Artists. We work together on this.

question 5 - Why are non-art areas showing up on the site? (ie. the World of Herbs, Non-Fiction articles)

We are artists living in a real world and things that help us help our fans, things which we find useful can be useful to our fans and internet visitors. Because some of these areas are so important to us (the regular use of herbs in our everyday lives is a good example) we have tried to make some of these areas feel seperate from the main site as to allow a larger audience to use these areas without being intimidated by the Vast and Mighty Abyss of mazes encompassing the visual-side of the site.

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