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History of Dark World International
From Ennui into a Dark World

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The phrase "Dark World" was first used in reference to a 1992 underground video series released by J.A.Bohr. While recording with the band Milwaukee's Black Orchid, J.A.B. had the opportunity to work on the North American public access television series "Ennui Entertainment Presents..." (airing 1994-1996). J.A.B. used Dark World as a production company name and Dark World International history officially began.

Ennui Entertainment as a potential record label folded in 1994, and the rights to the Black Orchid master tapes reverted to J.A.B. and Dark World. In 1995 Dark World restructured as an indie label, acquired the rights to the music of Infinisynth, and became a BMI music publisher. Realizing he needed help, J.A.B. turned to long time friend Kris (Kristi) Ameringer. Kris was brought in as President to help facilitate the restructuring of Dark World and soon became involved behind the boards as a producer as well.

Dark World hit the internet in 1996 with www.darkworld.com. Originally designed to market the bands and their releases, darkworld.com was years ahead of the industry in using the internet to publicize themselves. To help capture a larger internet audience, darkworld.com expanded beyond the usual band hype to include the award winning surrealist visual area Planet Mythos.

By 1998, a growing cult fan base from internet exposure, a strong business foundation allowing the label to become a North American corporation, and an artist roster that now included Milwaukee's Black Orchid, Infinisynth, Kylyra, and Stygian Tars, the future looked rosy for Dark World.

Disaster struck this tight knit indie label in the summer of 1998 when the Dark World studios in Minneapolis were burglarized. All of the company's recording equipment and many artist's instruments were lost overnight. While wrangling with their insurance company over coverage for their losses, Dark World received yet another blow: friend, father, and mentor Allan Ameringer died of cancer.

Refusing to let setbacks stop them, Dark World kept recording and releasing their artists while planning a transatlantic move. While some supporters of the indie label were surprised when they made their plans public, according to Kris Ameringer, "We [the company and the artists] had talked about moving to Europe for years. All of our information told us we had a larger and stronger fan base in Europe but we were unable to capitalize on it being in North America."

In 2004, Dark World completed its move to Europe. Reborn as Dark World International, this indie label now boasts digital distribution on iTunes and an artist roster that includes 11 artists and spans the rock, industrial, dance, and metal genres. KarrArikh Tor (J.A.Bohr) took over operations in 2010. In 2013-2015 Dark World International began selling in China through wa3.cn, Wawawa, until the company was bought out.

In 2017, Dark World International became a company in the Netherlands. KarrArikh Tor writes a music theory book. In 2018 the website is moved from the UK to the Netherlands.

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