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Johnny M Gayzmonic
- Biography

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As a child drilled in classical piano, performing and writing music came as naturally as breathing for Johnny M Gayzmonic. It was apparent early on that this skilled musician was not headed for the orchestra pit, though. Every time he got asked to play for a church service, he whipped out his Enya and Enigma songbooks.

Johnny M Gayzmonic's passion for dance/pop music led him to write his first song, 'Mystery', at the age of 16. "I don't remember much of it right now, I just remember that it was so rough and simplistic that I'm not too thrilled about it still kicking around in my head. I remember that part of it used a minor-key version of the 'Oh, sweet mystery of life at last I found you' line that Madeline Kahn sings in [the film] Young Frankenstein. I was injecting my love of movies into my love of music right from the first song."

Unhappy with the options he found for furthering his music education, Johnny M Gayzmonic formed ASAGIRI with Hyperkitty, DJ Sakura, and Rory Urban in 1995. ASAGIRI (which is Japanese for 'morning mist') spent their time collaborating in the studio, with Johnny mainly responsible for primary keys and additional drums. It was during this time that Johnny M Gayzmonic first worked with Dark World and captured a rare five song demo release on CD, including a special version of his song 'Fear' sung by Kylyra.

By 2001 Johnny M Gayzmonic was getting too many ideas of his own and wanted to go in a different direction musically than ASAGIRI. The split between the group was highly amicable, and Johnny has continued to collaborate on occasional mixes with DJ Sakura.

A highly sought after talent, Johnny M Gayzmonic has been busy working as a DJ (aka DJ Johnny Sugar). He is most actively performing with Dr. Farrago's Burlesque Theatre (www.drfarrago.com), which he also manages, DJs for, and where he occasionally appears as a striptease performer.

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