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Johnny M


no. 150101-digitally available from iTunes -2008

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The rich ambience of Johnny M's organically-developed techno sound caresses the listener's ears like honey and have drawn in fans for his music from around the world. Thoroughly grounded in classical training and musical theory, Johnny M has long impressed both the artists and the producers that have worked with him. His irresistible grooves, gently folding from one sound to another, are crafted with intelligence, humor, and a high degree of technical skill.

Johnny M cleverly invites listeners in on Riddle with the opening sample on 'Fixed Thoughts', then begins to wrap them in his unique ambient techno environments. Moving from the musically soothing but gothically dark feeling of 'With Joanna Lumley as Jessica', Johnny M then surprises the ear and the soul with the beautifully meditative 'Delicate Hausfrau'. 'Challenging Stage' reawakens the spirit and cleanses your ear just in time for 'Throne of Music Model 904 (Original Mix)' which begins with gorgeous organic sounds and then unfolds into an electronic trance song perfect for chilling out. Shiva (Original Mix) will remind you what good techno grooves are all about, if you've managed to forget, before releasing you into the classically tinged 'Consequence'. Johnny M takes you back to the dance floor with the harder edged version of 'Throne of Music Model 904 (Future Mix)' and then out to the desert floor to dance under the moon with 'Shiva (Diamond Dust Remix)'. As an added bonus to his many fans, Johnny M has included three of his finest earlier works as ASAGIRI; Sunrise, Fear (with Kylyra on vocals), and The Mirror.

The organically-developed techno of Johnny M is now available worldwide with the digital release of 'Riddle'. 'Riddle' includes nine new ambient club tracks from this versatile and dynamic artist and three bonus tracks from Johnny M's early work as Asagiri. Johnny M's magnificent debut release, Riddle, proves his is an artist capable of moulding songs from equal parts darkness and light, club and ambient, sacred and profane.

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1. Fixed Thoughts (6:02)

2. With Joanna Lumley As Jessica (4:33)

3. Delicate Hausfrau (3:00)

4. Challenging Stage (3:21)

5. Throne of Music Model 904 (original mix) (2:45)

6. Shiva (original mix) (6:33)

7. Consequence (4:18)

8. Throne of Music Model 904 (future mix) (4:21)

9. Shiva (Diamond Dust remix) (5:14)

bonus tracks

10. Sunset (5:56)

11. Fear (4:47)

12. The Mirror (2:39)


All songs composed by Johnny M. Tracks 1-9 produced by Johnny M. Tracks 10-12 produced and engineered by J.A.Bohr. Track 11 features Kylyra on vocals.

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