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Johnny M Gayzmonic - MP3s

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from Dark World presents: Winter Dance Compilation 2008

As a www.darkworld.com promotional internet release, we have two mixes of Johnny M Gayzmonic's Siberia from the Winter Dance Compilation 2008.

Dark World presents: Winter Dance Compilation 2008 is available online by Print-on-Demand CD from CreateSpace and features 12 tracks in total. Click on the flashing CreateSpace button to order your full release today. Winter Dance Compilation 2008

from Johnny M Gayzmonic - internet release

The www.darkworld.com internet release of Daybreak from Johnny M.

statement by Johnny M Gayzmonic on 'Daybreak'

"Daybreak" was written as a response to the gay rights issues I deal with every day in the United States. Even though I am a citizen, I and so many others like me are denied several basic civil rights because of something as immutable and inherent as sexuality. With the powerful forces who oppose true equality attempting to shut down progress at every opportunity, it is difficult to fight and difficult to hope.

Every night has a dawn, however, and it's important to remember that if you persevere, you will eventually see the dawn. This is something that's true in all aspects of life, not just in this struggle. It is my hope that anyone who hears this song gains just a little bit of hope and energy to continue in their struggles. Remember that fear and anger will eventually give way to understanding, evolution, and eventually freedom.

from Johnny M Gayzmonic - ASAGIRI recordings

These four songs were originally released by ASAGIRI under Seventh Shadow Music.

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