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Season One

(DJ) Dream Quest

Season One:
the Passing of a Loved One

no. 050101-Out of Print -1998

no. 050102-YAS promotional pressing -1998

no. 050103-Out of Print, rare limited release -2004

no. 050104-digitally available from iTunes -2006

no. 050105-Out of Print, digitally from Wa3.cn -2013

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The pure techno-trance of Season One: the Passing of a Loved One is a delicious rip through an unorthodox land of ambient dance music composed by DJ Dream Quest. Inspired by the death of a close friend and mentor, Season One is a musical result of the grieving process. Despite its dark origins, Season One is anything but sombre. DJ Dream Quest fuses melodies and rhythms into an irresistible cohesive whole, offering some of the very best chill out trance music available today. The memorable 'Day Three: heartbeat into a coma' and 'Day Eight: sleep of the innocents' is perfectly juxtaposed by the apply named 'Day Four: frantic manic' and the unsettling 'Day Nine: the unraveling'. The release ends on a strong up note with the majestic 'The Morning After: the reconstruction'. A perfect choice for any fan of ambient trance.

Dedicated to Allan Ameringer

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Season One: the Passing of a Loved One

1. Day One: the unconscious drift (4:25)

2. Day Two: preparation in chaos (6:07)

3. Day Three: heartbeat into a coma (8:29)

4. Day Four: frantic manic (2:49)

5. Day Five into Six: walk of the living dead
/daydream (6:52)

6. Day Seven: journey from the surreal (4:04)

7. Day Eight: sleep of the innocents (4:31)

8. Day Nine: the unraveling (4:32)*

9. The Morning After: the reconstruction (8:10)

bonus tracks - Season Two: Journey into the Festivals In-Between

10. Week One: festival of the Harvest (8:32)*

11. Week Two: dance of the Aes sidhe (6:55)*

12. Week Three: the journey homeward (5:35)*


All songs composed by Navigator X, except * composed by Navigator K & Navigator X. Produced and Engineered by J.A.Bohr, Kristi Ameringer, and (DJ) Dream Quest.


Navigators X, K, V

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