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(DJ) Dream Quest - Season Three: Herb Garden

(DJ) Dream Quest

Season Three: Herb Garden

no. 050301-digitally available from iTunes -2008

no. 050302-digitally available from Wa3.cn -2013

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A perfected result of ambient trance evolution, DJ Dream Quest's Season Three: Herb Garden is lush with sub bass, club grooves, world rhythms, and gently intertwining melodies. This ambient trance release should only be listened to on a large sound system. Anything unable to handle real sub bass will not do this extraordinary release justice. From the upbeat opener 'Daisy' it's evident DJ Dream Quest has achieved a flawless production with pristine sound on Season Three: Herb Garden. The mesmerizing 'Rosemary', sumptuous 'Valerian', and inspiring 'Clove' are balanced beautifully by the woody 'Eucalyptus', the rolling 'Stinging Nettle' and the dignified 'Wild Rose'. Season Three: Herb Garden is an ambient trance release that you'll keep playing, over and over again. Not to be missed.

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1. Daisy (4:34)

2. Eucalyptus (4:56)

3. Cinnamon (5:47)

4. Stinging Nettle (5:24)

5. Licorice (3:52)

6. Rosemary (4:30)

7. Chicory (4:55)

8. Valerian (5:06)

9. White Willow (5:57)

10. Clove (4:55)

11. Wild Rose (4:19)

12. Dandelion (5:15)

13. Raspberry (4:43)

14. Fumitory (5:36)


All songs composed, arranged, programmed and performed by Navigator X. Produced and Engineered by Navigator X.


Navigator X

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