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Pic of KarrArikh Tor and Kylyra from Deemed Psychotic

band – genre: Hard Rock

members – Kylyra, KarrArikh Tor

Driven by a desire to create a truly mainstream and sellable band, Deemed Psychotic coalesced in the studio in 2005. Their signature sound of five guitar and two keyboard tracks fused with strong melodies call to mind the arena supergroups of the 70s, but Deemed Psychotic adds lashings of punk energy and out of the ordinary poetic lyrics to create a fresh, original sound in rock music.

Although both KarrArikh Tor and Kylyra had a long history of music releases with Dark World, this brother and sister had never written together before. In 2004, answering the call for a Eurovision song for Ireland, KarrArikh and Kylyra collaborated for the first time. Although their song was not chosen to represent Ireland in Eurovision, KarrArikh and Kylyra enjoyed working with each other and sought out a new project to continue combining their songwriting strengths.

By 2005, having moved to Ireland four years previously, KarrArikh and Kylyra wanted to create a band sound that was less experimental and more sellable than their solo work. Their solution was to enter the studio as a writing team to create the monumental seven piece progressive rock band, Deemed Psychotic. Founded on KarrArikh’s dynamic bass lines and separated guitar tracks and enhanced by Kylyra’s keyboard acumen, Deemed Psychotic began a studio run writing and recording songs that would last several years, encompassing two albums worth of original music and over two hours of cover music.

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In 2006, the four song demo Glorg and and Gloob EP was released to enthusiastic local Irish teenagers. In addition, Dark World International included several Deemed Psychotic songs on the corporate release Noorderslag 2006 and took the music to industry experts in Groningen, Netherlands, during the 2006 Noorderslag/Eurosonic festival. KarrArikh and Kylyra were immediately offered live gigs for Deemed Psychotic, and they knew they had created a band sound that would resonate favorably with the majority of music fans.

Working in the studio at a feverish pitch, Deemed Psychotic released their first album, The 1st, before the end of 2006. On-line fans raved, “I have never heard high-tech and low tech combined to form such great ‘gotta-keep listening music’! The nostalgic, and new tones, are mixed to perfection! This stuff deserve to be played through a billion watt system!” Despite the on-line stir The 1st caused, Deemed Psychotic’s sales slumped.

Discouraged by lack of sales for The 1st and distracted by their numerous other projects, KarrArikh and Kylyra took time off from Deemed Psychotic in 2007. KarrArikh began writing his solo release, Tor’s Angst, while simultaneously recording new tracks over the original Future Dialogue release. Kylyra honed her first novel, The Demon of Petty Disturbances: Doh-da, while developing her new techno-trance project, TechnoKy.

Deemed Psychotic recorded nine new songs destined for their second album, 2nd Take, and released them free to on-line fans in 2008. Despite the band’s good intentions to finish 2nd Take quickly, fate stepped in to put a halt to the album. KarrArikh took his unused energy to his solo project, Tor’s Angst, and continued to record in the studio while beginning to work with Shott Crawler on new music. Kylyra began her performance poetry project, KyPoetry. Even with these distractions, Deemed Psychotic managed to write and record Toy Man for DIH and Friends XMAS 2008 compilation. The band was also featured as the opener on the Dark World Compilation 2008 release.

In 2009, KarrArikh was working to finish Tor’s Angst while writing more music with Shott Crawler for Shaky Dawg. Kylyra’s work on performance poetry led her to set up Poets Express and Kids Express, a festival that featured poets from around Ireland and the UK, local kids performances, and the first live performances by both Shaky Dawg and KarrArikh and Spike as Future Dialogue. Once again, Deemed Psychotic was asked for a contribution to DIH and Friends XMAS 2009 compilation. Toy Man 2 came out of the studio with a bang, and along with the original Toy Man became an on-line download favorite.

By 2010 it seemed like 2nd take would never be finished. Over the next two years, Kylyra immersed herself in establishing Express Events, an Irish charity dedicated to bringing poets and musicians into West Cork to perform, while continuing to run Poets Express and Kids Express events when possible. She also joined Shaky Dawg in performing live, and became involved in numerous local community projects. KarrArikh, in the meantime, worked to finish Tor’s Angst while performing with both Shaky Dawg and Future Dialogue. Any additional time KarrArikh and Kylyra had was taken up by recording for Shaky Dawg’s first full length release and KarrArikh’s staggering task of re-coding www.darkworld.com.

Although fans continued to clamor for Deemed Psychotic to gig live, KarrArikh and Kylyra realized they had created too large of a band sound for the two of them to pull off adequately on stage. With a lack of financial backing and unable to find musicians to take on needed roles in Deemed Psychotic, KarrArikh and Kylyra sadly recognized that Deemed Psychotic was fated to remain a studio band for the present.

Finally, in late 2012, Deemed Psychotic returned to the studio to finish 2nd Take. Now available to purchase, 2nd Take proves to be an album worth waiting for. Deemed Psychotic’s signature sound is there, resplendent with guitars and keys fusing into sublime perfection and produced with a fuller, richer sound than ever before.

Deemed Psychotic is currently supporting sales of 2nd Take while planning a special EP release that will include Toy Man, Toy Man 2, and a brand new Toy Man 3.

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