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solo artist – genre: techno

In 2007, while working on numerous other projects, Kylyra began creating a new DJ set under the name TechnoKy. Compelled be a desire to return to her techno/trance origins, Kylyra felt her growth as an artist and her numerous releases weaving her voice with her melodies would create confusion amongst her fans if she released a complete dance mix with none of her signature vocals. TechnoKy was born to allow Kylyra to release non-vocal dance music.

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Using only her vintage Roland 303 groove box, Kylyra began to snip, edit, and form a one hour live set, which would later grow into her release, darkworld. The complexity of the task was hindered by Kylyra’s lack of additional work space for the Roland 303. Finding herself limited to the on-board memory of the Roland 303, squeezed every bit of memory to create the darkworld releases. She also became emphatic in her notion to return to the classic sounds of the Roland 303 and to record them in a manner that would result in the fullest, most dynamic production of the vintage sounds the groove box had to offer.

When the initial tracks were complete, Kylyra faced production. Rather the tackling that aspect of recording by herself, Kylyra turned to two prominent Dark World International producers, J.A.Bohr and Spike Bourne, who had worked with DJ Dream Quest and DJ Doctor When respectively, to bring darkworld to life. The choice was made to use the Mackie Onyx board to produce the releases, which limited Kylyra further by only allowing her 16 tracks rather than 24. ‘I wanted absolute clarity for darkworld,’ Kylyra insists. ‘Although Dark World International had other 24 track studio boards available for production, I felt I’d get the best sound from the Mackie Onyx.’

The resulting TechnoKy releases, darkworld – day mixes and darkworld – night mixes, are a gorgeous blend of pure vintage sound for techno trance lovers.

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