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Dream Quest – Season Three: Herb Garden

Fronted by Navigator X, (DJ) Dream Quest is deep atmospheric trance with industrial influences. (DJ) Dream Quest’s first release, ‘Season One’ quickly gained attention and was featured in the 1998 MCTC video short “Marbel Universe presents: A Vision of NON in a World of Dreams”, as well as the Dark World compilations ‘Artist’s Row Vol. 1’ and ‘Compilation 2008’. The second release was shelved when Dark World moved to Ireland (but has been released here in Free MP3s). After Navigator X finally arranged a move to the EU, (DJ) Dream Quest recorded ‘Herb Garden’ featuring fourteen brand new tracks based on darkworld.com’s highly popular World Of Herbs.

A perfected result of ambient trance evolution, DJ Dream Quest‘s Season Three: Herb Garden is lush with sub bass, club grooves, world rhythms, and gently intertwining melodies. This ambient trance release should only be listened to on a large sound system. Anything unable to handle real sub bass will not do this extraordinary release justice. From the upbeat opener ‘Daisy’ it’s evident DJ Dream Quest has achieved a flawless production with pristine sound on Season Three: Herb Garden. The mesmerizing ‘Rosemary’, sumptuous ‘Valerian’, and inspiring ‘Clove’ are balanced beautifully by the woody ‘Eucalyptus’, the rolling ‘Stinging Nettle’ and the dignified ‘Wild Rose’. Season Three: Herb Garden is an ambient trance release that you’ll keep playing, over and over again. Not to be missed.

Tracks on Herb Garden:

  1. Daisy (4:34), 2. Eucalyptus (4:56), 3. Cinnamon (5:47), 4. Stinging Nettle (5:24), 5. Licorice (3:52), 6. Rosemary (4:30), 7. Chicory (4:55), 8. Valerian (5:06), 9. White Willow (5:57), 10. Clove (4:55), 11. Wild Rose (4:19), 12. Dandelion (5:15), 13. Raspberry (4:43), 14. Fumitory (5:36).

Credits on Herb Garden:

All songs composed, arranged, programmed and performed by Navigator X. Produced and Engineered by Navigator X.

Band members on Herb Garden:

Navigator X (aka KarrArikh Tor)

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