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Future Dialogue – Power Machine revisited

Power Machine revisited is the re-release of Future Dialogue‘s Power Machine, with a twist. “First recorded in the early 90’s, ‘Power Machine’ was essentially an acoustic release with attitude. The original was a vocal/guitar release with sparse rhythms. I found a Master copy in storage while remastering old material. I transferred the release into the studio, added bass and filled out the rhythms. ‘Power Machine revisited’ is not just a re-release, but a whole new look on the past, fuller and louder than before, for a …, you know…, an acoustic rock guitar release…”. KarrArikh Tor 2007

Begun as the early acoustic work of artist KarrArikh Tor, Future Dialogue has enjoyed positive reviews and a growing internet fan base since the 2007 release of ‘Power Machine – revisited’ on iTunes. After repeated requests to see him perform live, KarrArikh has chosen to resurrect Future Dialogue by teaming up with vocalist/guitarist Spike until 2012

Tracks on Power Machine – revisited:

  1. Power Machine I, II, III (5:45), 2. Distant Worlds (3:45), 3. Explectorhumux (1:57), 4. Sonic Crunch (5:03), 5. Gone (4:08), 6. The Wind (2:19), 7. Tomorrow (3:36), 8. FMLK (3:19), 9. The Writer (3:54), 10. F U (2:32), 11. Power Machine IV, V (4:01), 12. Harmonious Disruption – live @ Poets Express (5:10).

Credits for Power Machine – revisited:

All songs written and arranged by KarrArikh Tor, except ‘Harmonious Disruption’ – written and arranged by KarrArikh Tor and Mic. Engineered by J.A.Bohr, Produced by Kristi Ameringer

Band members:

Vocals – Martzman & KarrArikh Tor, all other instruments – KarrArikh Tor, except ‘Harmonious Disruption’ – performed by KarrArikh Tor and Spike (both on guitar), and the additional vocal track on Explectorhumux by draft. Track 12, Harmonious Disruption – live @ Poets Express, was released as a bonus track only on print no. 130102, the physical CD.

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