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Milwaukee's Black Orchid -
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from Milwaukee's Black Orchid - remix from Chronicles Two

a www.darkworld.com - internet release, this is a remix of the song Kangaroo Crossing from the release Chronicles Two, available online. Remix done by Tommy McGrath.

Chronicles Two is available online from iTunes and Wawawa and features 15 tracks in total. Click on the flashing iTunes or Wawawa (in China only) buttons to order your release today. Milwaukee's Black Orchid - Chronicles Two

from Milwaukee's Black Orchid - Travelling on Dark Frequencies

a www.darkworld.com - internet release, this song was originally released as the sixth track on Travelling on Dark Frequencies. It has been re-released as a free download for fans to enjoy.

from Milwaukee's Black Orchid - It's a Dark Thing

a www.darkworld.com-Phase 5 internet release, the recording which started it all, the original cassette release of 'It's a Dark Thing' featuring Sven Kort, Raig Macher, and J.A.B. from 1993. All five tracks are here free to download and enjoy.

It's A Dark Thing


MP3 arrow Adelweiss on the Side of a Mountain (6:16 @16.1Mb)

MP3 arrow The Red Rose lies in the Valley (5:36 @14.6Mb)

MP3 arrow Felicia (9:00 @22.4Mb)

MP3 arrow I am Ready (9:25 @23.4Mb)

MP3 arrow Mad Arab Wails (9:23 @23.3Mb)

from Milwaukee's Black Orchid - previously unreleased

a www.darkworld.com - internet release, this song was previously unreleased and features Sven Kort, Raig Macher, J.A.B. in a performance from early 1994. It is available as a free download for fans to enjoy.

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