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Milwaukee's Black Orchid

Black Orchid

Genre: Industrial

Formed in 1993


Sven Kort, Raig Macher, J.A.B.

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about Milwaukee's Black Orchid

Milwaukee's Black Orchid is a three-piece improvisation group (sometimes joined by friends) who's music has never been easy to describe. "This ... is a miasma of electro beats that seem to go nowhere and then spin back on your ears and go somewhere where you'll never find them ... I could see permanent psychosis being a direct result of Black Orchid music. The comparisons to Skinny Puppy, TG, Pink Dots, and others are only due to the nature of the music, not the music itself. Black Orchid have a sound all their own..." (Leech, Industrial Nation, Issue #10). We thought this says it all.

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Milwaukee's Black Orchid Music Discography

Compilations featuring Milwaukee's Black Orchid

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