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Chronicles Two

Black Orchid

Chronicles Two

no. 020401-Digitally available from iTunes -2007

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When asked to remaster the early releases, Producer J.A.Bohr found in the archives over two hours of Milwaukee's Black Orchid which has not been heard since the live performances. Combining the best of the original releases along with these previously unreleased gems, 'Chronicles One, Two & Three' offer over 3.3 hours of incredible live recordings. Sounding cleaner, brighter and even more exciting than before, this is a must have for fans of experimental & improvisational industrial music, old and new.

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1. In a Heartbeat pt. 1** (6:22)

2. In a Heartbeat pt. 2** (5:19)

3. In a Heartbeat pt. 3* ** (7:31)

4. In a Heartbeat pt. 4** (4:02)

5. In a Heartbeat pt. 5** (6:02)

6. In the Light (4:06)

7. Kangaroo Crossing (5:44)

8. Keep (2:20)

9. Living Cheese (2:18)

10. lonely angst** (4:00)

11. lost (3:45)

12. Mindfire* (5:43)

13. my first gun** (5:54)

14. my mind (1:57)

15. naturally (4:43)


All songs written, programmed, improvised and performed by Milwaukee's Black Orchid. Produced, Engineered, Edited and Remastered by J.A.Bohr. All untitled songs were named by J.A.B. *originally released on 'Traveling on Dark Frequencies' no. 020101. ** originally released on 'Live and Rare' no. 020201. The release contains live stereo performances recorded directly to Digital Audio Tape.


Sven Kort, Raig Macher, J.A.B.

please don't ask us what we played where,
we have no idea anymore. You guess.

effected violin on Track 15 by Erich Ternes

When they were recorded

Tracks 1-5 from June, 1994. Tracks 6, 8 and 13 from January 1994. Track 7 from November 1994. Tracks 9 and 14 from February 1994. Tracks 10-11 from March 1994. Track 12 from December 1993. Track 15 from October 1994.

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