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Travelling on Dark Frequencies

Black Orchid

Travelling on
Dark Frequencies

no. 020101-Out of Print, limited edition -1994

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'Travelling On Dark Frequencies' is the second release and first CD for Milwaukee's Black Orchid, a three-man improvisational group specialising in Industrial/Experimental performances. The album was originally released under the Ennui Entertainment label, which merged with Dark World in 1996. 'Travelling...' offers the listener 71 minutes and 58 seconds of the lads' best improvs. As Phospor writes about Milwaukee's Black Orchid, "Excellent...".

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1. Brains (4:41)

2. Devotion (8:46)

3. Stop Staring (:59)

4. Art/Regis Don't Know (6:39)

5. Blue Skies (6:48)

6. Tramdoof (11:18)

7. Mindfire (5:46)

8. In A Heartbeat (7:44)

9. A Daydream In Fantasyland (3:41)

10. From The Caves of Chaos (6:30)

11. Thick Thicket of Thorns (8:18)


All songs written, programmed, improvised and performed by Milwaukee's Black Orchid. Produced and Engineered by J.A.Bohr. The release contains live stereo performances recorded directly to Digital Audio Tape.


Sven Kort, Raig Macher, J.A.B.

additional percussion on "Devotion" and
"From the Caves of Chaos" by Alan Zorn

When they were recorded

Between November 1993 and June 1994

Original pressing had misspelt album title,
Traveling on Dark Frequencies

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