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It's a Dark Thing

Black Orchid

It's a Dark Thing

no. 020001-Out of Print -1993

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'It's a Dark Thing' is the first EP release for Milwaukee's Black Orchid, a three-man improvisational group specialising in Industrial/Experimental performances. This is the recording which started it all, the cassette release in it's entirity taken from a cassette copy (we've misplaced the masters at this time). As Phospor writes about the first release from Milwaukee's Black Orchid, "Excellent...".

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1. Adelweiss on the Side of a Mountain (6:16)

2. The Red Rose lies in the Valley (5:36)

3. Felicia (9:00)

4. I am Ready (9:25)

5. Mad Arab Wails (9:23)


All songs written, programmed, improvised and performed by Milwaukee's Black Orchid. Produced and Engineered by J.A.Bohr. The release contains live stereo performances recorded directly to Digital Audio Tape.


Sven Kort, Raig Macher, J.A.B.

please don't ask us what we played where,
we have no idea anymore. You guess.

When they were recorded

in Fall 1993

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