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Live and Rare

Black Orchid

Live and Rare

no. 020201-Out of Print, limited edition -1999

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Live and Rare is the third release and second full-length CD from Milwaukee's Black Orchid. The release begins with the original 35 minute performance of "In a Heartbeat" which was simulcast live on WMSE, 29 June, 1994. Also included on this release are five performances from the band's Wisconsin appearance on 12 June, 1994, and two other improvs guaranteed to please any industrial/experimental fan.

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1. In a Heartbeat (35:02)

2. Untitled #4 [my first gun] (6:03)

3. Untitled #19 [think its funny?] (1:28)

4. Untitled #21 [lonely angst] (4:09)

5. Untitled #22
[fall of the Berlin Wall] (4:53)

6. Untitled #23 [rubble] (4:08)

7. Untitled #24
[journey/Grey Skies/Felicia] (13:21)

8. Untitled #18 [Nobody's Gnome] (1:47)


All songs written, programmed, improvised and performed by Milwaukee's Black Orchid. Produced and Engineered by J.A.Bohr. The release contains live stereo performances recorded directly to Digital Audio Tape.


Sven Kort, Raig Macher, J.A.B.

please don't ask us what we played where,
we have no idea anymore. You guess.

When they were recorded

Track 1 from 29 June, 1994. Track 2 from January 1994. Tracks 3-7 from 12 June, 1994. Track 8 from 3 February, 1994.

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