The Official Stygian Tars Homepage

Dark World improvisation band
featuring Sven Kort, J.A.B. and Kylyra

"This Is The Land Of The Shades, Of Sleep, And Of Drowsy Night"

Dark World (tape) 10/06/97 (review of Chapter One - demo)

Very eclectic and unusual industrial with lots of experimental and gothic influences. It's hard to easily classify what this band is doing, since nearly every song introduces something new. Stygian Tars' style ranges from tribal drumming songs to weird dark gothic industrial. A lot of it is very original and you can feel that this band makes a conscious effort to attain a style and sound truly their own. Not all of the songs work, but there is enough potential here to keep this band's name in memory, since I would not be surprised if they hit us with something impressive in the years to come. I have to compliment the sound quality, which is very professional - I presume that this was recorded in a professional studio and sounds good enough to be on CD.

Corridor of Cells (webmag)