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Chapter One

Stygian Tars

Chapter One

no. 040101-Out of Print, (missing tracks 11 & 12) -1996

no. 040102-Out of Print -1999

no. 040103 (remastered)-from iTunes -2008

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Featuring the talents of Milwaukee's Black Orchid (Sven Kort & J.A.B.) and Kylyra, Stygian Tars blends the unique rhythymic work and chaos of early Dark World recordings with the etheral beauty and dance of Kylyra into a truly original sound. 'Chapter One' is the beginning of the band's auditory journey down the river Styx. This release includes the original version of "Spider".

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1. Transmissions From Beyond (remastered) (7:32)

2. and the clock strikes midnight...
(remastered) (6:25)

3. Menage et Noir (remastered) (4:51)

4. Fallen Again (remastered) (5:50)

5. Voodoo (remastered) (4:39)

6. What's Wrong? (remastered) (1:59)

7. Spider (remastered) (6:23)

8. Eb C# Bitch (remastered) (5:49)

9. A Short Day at a Long Party (remastered) (1:01)

10. It was just there (remastered) (7:43)

11. The Long Hurting (remastered) (4:45)

12. Drowning yourself in the bathtub
is a bad idea (remastered) (6:20)

13. Trials and Tribulations (remastered) (2:43)

14. backwash (remastered) (4:21)


All songs written, programmed, improvised and performed by Stygian Tars. Produced and Engineered by J.A.Bohr. The release contains live stereo performances recorded directly to Digital Audio Tape.


Sven Kort, J.A.B. and Kylyra

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